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Alec - Guitar & Vocals

I started playing guitar in the 1960’s. Over the years I have played a wide variety of style including classical, acoustic folk, rock, pop and what I consider to be my natural language: the blues. Having played many gigs in many bands, I am more excited about this than any previous, bands because for the first time I feel we have found a format which allows us to create music which really reaches people. This includes instrumental music and exploring the full range of dynamics of the electric guitar.

Gear: Gibson Custom shop “Johnny A” signature. Fender Strat, Fender Tele, Ovation Elite 6868, Fender B31. Engl, Vox and Bose amplification, Boss effects pedals.

Personal website: www.alendi.co.uk

Owen - Bass

I grew up in a live music environment (there’s pictures of me at 9 months propping myself up on Dad’s Strat), as such I can’t really remember when I started playing bass! My never ending musical goal is to be able to put myself in any musical situation and be able to play. Because of this I’ve played in a range of bands with different styles ranging from blues to jazz, latin, indie and even electronic.

Gear: Warwick basses (Corvette custom 6 string, Fortress One 5 string and Streamer JazzMan 4 string), Ergo 5 string upright bass, Gallien Krueger MB500 Fusion head and Barefaced cabs.

Kevin - Drums & Vocals

I knew percussion was for me from a very young age. When my school music program presented its options, there really was only one choice (despite my parents’ concerns!). Practicing daily, I learned quickly and enthusiastically, and developed a good musical ear from playing in many groups and bands. I enjoy the independent and yet supportive nature of drumming - providing the driving beat, but also listening to and accentuating the feel of the music, adding my own verve and flair. I have played in various bands over the decades, covering a range of rock, blues, jazz and concert band music.

Gear: Yahama fusion 5-shell kit plus hardware, Solar cymbals

Photo by Keisuke Suzuki

Photo by Keisuke Suzuki

Photo by Keisuke Suzuki

Photo by Keisuke Suzuki

Photo by Keisuke Suzuki